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Long Life Dowels™ — What's different, you ask? | Introduction to Long Life Dowels...

CRT's Long Life Dowels offer the single best way to extend the life cycle of roadways that might otherwise deteriorate in less than 30 years. We see no reason CRT's LongLife Dowels shouldn't exceed 100 years life in typical highway pavement construction.

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You know the concrete business, or you wouldn't be visiting our website. You know, therefore, that the single biggest cause of failure of concrete in highway applications remains the concrete failures that occur due to corrosion of the steel reinforcements typically employed in road construction.

The core of CRT's LongLife Dowels remains standard steel providing the necessary, and known, load transfer efficiency and shear strength. The key to its long life, however, comes from its complete encapsulation in a non-corroding durable resin and fiber sleeve. This sleeve bonds to the steel core and protections it from ever coming in contact with those rust producers: Oxygen, water and de-icing chemicals!

The sleeve presents a smooth finish on its exterior, while the ends are also encapsulated, thereby preventing an contact between steel and those devastating corrosive elements.

As this is written in the summer of 2013, the DOTs of both Wisconsin and Minnesota have approved the LongLife Dowels for use on their highway construction projects.

No other company makes dowels like ours. The closest alternative remains a full stainless steel bar, which we beat on initial cost, alone, not to mention life cycle costing advantages.

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*LongLife Dowels represent the first commercial product from the patent portfolio of Composite Rebar Technologies, Inc., which may be better known in the industry for its
HollowRebar technology.