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What are High Performance Long Life Dowels™

ECRT's Long Life Dowels extend the life cycle of roadways beyond the old “standard” of 30 years. We expect our Long Life Dowels to exceed 100 years life in typical highway pavement construction, since water or chemicals cannot touch the steel embedded in our GFRP design.
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Long Life Dowels are standard steel bar at their core, which is then hermetically sealed in GFRP, thereby preventing water or chemical contaminants from causing corrosion, as is well-known from coated steel bars in use today.

Coated steel corrodes. Everyone knows this fact. While seemingly less expensive for the job, replacement of coated steel, which is fairly routine prior to the 30-year life, on average costs 30 times more than the initial cost of bar; for one bar failure, all bars in a seam have to be replaced, plus considerable concrete. Labor costs are non-trivial, and, by-the-way no traffic passes, while the job is completed.

ECRT’s Long Life Dowels are unique; no other company makes dowels like ours. The closest functional alternative remains stainless steel, which remains horrifically expensive.
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ECRT Long Life™ Dowel Bars
  • 100+ year service life
  • Lowest manufactured product cost of any high performance dowel
  • Issued patents for product, apparatus, and methodology
ECRT 2nd Generation Long Life™ Dowel Bars
  • 20% lower product cost than ECRT’s original Long Life™ dowel
  • Lowest manufactured product cost of any high performance dowel
  • Manufactured product cost should be even less that epoxy-coated steel dowels that have a service life of 20-30 years
  • 50% lower transportation costs due to reduced product weight
  • 100+ year service life with improved performance (reduced concrete cracking)
  • 27% lower bearing stress on concrete pavement
  • 25% lower corner pressure on concrete pavement
  • Pending patents for product, apparatus, and methodology
Dowel Bar Attachment System
  • Novel torsion spring clip design that provides a more secure and cost efficient attachment to the alignment frame than welding
  • Pending patents for product, apparatus, and methodology
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