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Endeavor Composite Road Technologies, Inc. (ECRT) is a private, shareholder-owned company that has developed and patented value-added composite products for more durable and sustainable infrastructure construction, including Long Life dowels and HollowRebar, which is a hollow, glass-fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) composite rebar.

Our Long Life™ dowel bars represent an amazing innovation in an age-old product line that will last 10-20 times longer (maybe even longer) than uncoated steel dowel bars, thereby extending the life of highway concrete by notable decades.

Our GFRP Hollow Rebar currently represents a future opportunity. We have great patents that we continue to protect, however, we see our Long Life Dowel™ bars as the fastest way to sales success in the much-anticipated growth industry seeded by funding from the US Government.

All GFRP road structure elements shall provide substantial benefits for infrastructure applications, where embedded steel will corrode and destroy the concrete surrounding it. The most compelling benefit is the dramatically lower overall costs on a project life-cycle basis, including financial costs, user costs, and environmental costs.

In January 2016, ECRT received an exclusive license to manufacture and sell C-Bar (solid GFRP rebar) in North America and a non-exclusive license to sell C-Bar globally. C-Bar meets competition for industry specifications, has the highest quality and most efficient bends in the industry, and can be rapidly scaled for future demand increases at lower costs.

ECRT aggressively protects its intellectual property. Three issued patents for its hollow-core rebar system (products, process, and equipment) were received in late 2015. CRT was awarded a U.S. patent for its Hybrid Composite Dowel Bar and has applied for patent coverage in Canada, EU, Australia, Brazil, India, and China. CRT also filed several additional patents related to FRP rebar and composite dowel bars.
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  • Here’s the logic path employed in the thinking of long life concrete construction programs…
  • Steel corrodes (rusts).
  • Epoxy coated steel corrodes only slightly slower, but it still rusts.
  • Corrosion of steel embedded in concrete expands and breaks up the concrete.
  • Further, broken concrete repair projects represent add-on costs far greater than initial costs, including…
  • Replacement of corroded steel
  • Replacement of concrete surrounding the steel
  • Traffic rerouting during repair costly and risky to citizens
  • Citizens lose time and the environment suffers, as well
  • A conspicuous factual cost comparison tells us that the average cost of dowel bar replacements consistently demonstrate a cost of 30 times the cost of the original dowel bar.

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